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Wow, finally an 'affordable' standup desk that's actually affordable. So many 'affordable' stand up desks cost hundreds of dollars, this looks great. And the ease of use putting it up is πŸ‘Œ
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First VR, now standing desks... what else can we build with cardboard?
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@majidmanzarpour forts and spaceships, if my kids have any say about our future.
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@majidmanzarpour have you seen the accordion couches?
Exactly... a folding piece of cardboard that costs as much as it should! Easy choice between this & competitors?!
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Anyway we can get this in India? (Ready to pay for shipping)
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@evivz They really should sell this in more countries. I'd also love to have one over here in Brazil.
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@cynexyl @evivz Brazil reporting in as well :P
@evivz Did you order? I read this "Shipping is currently limited to Canada and the USA only. Please fill out the form below if you'd like to be notified when we start shipping internationally." on website and I am not sure if they have started shipping or not.
@evivz You can buy it in multiples of 20. As per their website.
Finally, an *afoldable* standing desk!
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