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So honored to be part of this.
Notes: Elizabeth "Beezer" Clarkson, Managing Director at Sapphire Ventures, joins us to discuss her path to becoming an LP, what she looks at when considering investments, and why we're starting to see the LP world become more open and transparent.
This is such a great show from @nchirls @beezer232 so amazing to hear bayou the traditionally secretive world of LPs. Beezer awesome strength and courage to come out and speak openly about the industry, lets hope this starts a wave of more #openlp Nick, thanks so much for doing this, a real service to the industry and to podcast listeners! Love it.
I'm in. Good stuff.
About time! Excited to see @nchirls and @alexlines digging into this. Also couldn't ask for a better first guest @beezer232