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Originate is a parallax art app built with iOS design guidelines in mind. Create up to five layers of art, and watch it come to life as you tilt and move your device around. You can also share your creations, and import other users' art. Create your best art.
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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I made a parallax art app that uses PencilKit and allows you to add up to five layers of content, which when you tilt your device comes to life in a parallax fashion (you can also view your parallax art in AR). It's super easy to pick up and get started with, and there's no user accounts to configure. It also syncs your art across devices via iCloud. Key features: - Beautiful interface - Create parallax art on your device - Place art in AR - PencilKit support - Drag cards around to navigate through projects - Adjust parallax amounts - Layers and grids - Intuitive gestures to undo/redo and switch between layers - Share images or custom files - Import Originate files to view and edit other users' creations - iCloud sync - Dark Mode support - iPad cursor support - Haptics support - Context Menus to perform quick actions - Home screen Quick Actions - Available on iPhone and iPad If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. Originate was created by an incredibly small team of one and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
This app is a great idea that you built lightning fast and I am looking forward to watching how it evolves and the amazing art that comes out of it!
@heidi_helen Thank you Heidi!
Do you think a subscription will work with this kind of app given that something as powerful as procreate is $9.99 as a one-time purchase? ps: get us a lunch discount :P The app is super neat by the way, going to try and leave a nice review!
@danirogerc That's a very fair point, but at the same it has to be sustainable for me as an indie dev, whereas Procreate can afford to do a one-time purchase. Thank you!
Adding the capabilities of AR makes it great.
@realdesigntack Thank you!
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great app. I will use it. Thank you
@nef_conv Thank you!