Originals by Publicize is a platform for sponsored content for startups. For $299/month, each month we author 1 sponsored article on your company, and we then publish this article on 6 publications of your choosing. 10 new available publications are added each month.

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Hi Product Hunters, With Originals we aim to introduce an affordable solution for startups looking to leverage sponsored content. Today (January 31st) we'll be giving away a free month to 3 hunters who email info@publicize.co with the subject line "ORIGINALS". (As an update, the free month was provided to Zenodys, Unbounce & Moonlight Work) Thank you to everyone for your feedback and support! Best wishes, Conrad
I am worried the list has not such a good reputation. Not good site back links, which drives almost no SEO value to your site even if you get published. And guess what? One of them "https://appletelegraph.com/" has a default "Hello World" wordpress post on their home page. I was almost sold before I saw this list. Now I will wait to see new publications.
@usamanoman Hi Usama, thanks for your message. For Originals, companies can select each month the 6 publications of choice, and we are 100% expecting the larger media publications to be selected. As an example: - Startupbeat.com: Founded in Los Angeles in 2009 and was named a top 100 tech blog - Sociable.co: Winner of the Best Technology Blog at the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland. - 150sec.com: One of Central Europe's largest tech publications - SocialGeek.co: For Spanish-speaking companies, SocialGeek reaches up to 1M visits/month We recently added a handful of newer publications (as these grow they'll become increase in audience & reputation), however again we expect companies to select the larger publications that have been around for many years. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee (no questions asked) in the 1st month if for any reason a company isn't happy.
What different types of publications do you have in your portfolio?
@craigcorbett87 Right now we have some of the largest tech publications in India, Central Europe, Portugal & others (a full list is here: http://espacio.co). Each month we'll be adding 10 additional publications.
Looks like a smart, simple solution that can benefit many startups.
Great job Publicize team, Originals looks really promising