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Hello all, I'm the co-founder of Covve and I'm very excited to see Covve featured on Product Hunt - thank you for hunting us Jack. Covve is a web app which targets professionals who value and use their address book to do business. It enables anonymous sharing of contacts, forming a very warm network of leads and uses a unique interface so you can visualize it and navigate through it. We have an iPhone companion app for those of you who keep your contacts on your phone. Let me know your thoughts!
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@ygavrielides cool meeting you in Cyprus. It looks like an interesting tool
@_jacksmith Great meeting you too Jack, you should visit more often! Thanks for the interest - we are getting some great early traction from professionals and a few companies we are trialling with.
that's the most makers that I've ever seen added to a product on PH; can you add one more just to see what happens - if it breaks it? ;)
@_jacksmith Lol Jack! The green button at the top says "Who else made this product?" - we give credit where credit is due :) ...actually our mobile developer has not accepted the invite yet, so expect the test soon! ...nope didn't break it ! :)
Hi all – Alex here, co-founder and CTO at Covve. Seeing as there aren’t any product questions yet, I’ll take the stage and talk some tech. Covve is back-end and data heavy, processing hundreds of thousands of contacts to enrich, add metadata, remove duplicates and plot them real-time on interactive maps (while keeping all personal data private). The scale gets quite mind-boggling when you start plotting not just your contacts but those of everyone you connect to, in real time. To make this happen we utilise a microservices architecture, with each microservice using the most appropriate techs for the job. OrientDB graph for live plotting of countless contacts on maps; ElasticSearch for search and an AngularJS SPA for the front end (amongst others). Big thank you to our engineering team for making our architecture incredibly scalable – its survived the Product Hunt onslaught (so far) Any questions fire away!
@aprotog cool insights into the tech. What are you doing for the back-end?
Hey @_jacksmith As you’d expect the back-end is entirely cloud based. We try to use the right tools for the job, so each microservice gets the right DB, right OS, right language and right infrastructure. So our arsenal includes: - OrientDB graph hosted on Ubuntu – for traversing each user’s contacts graph in real time - a bunch of small independent microservices running on PaaS “worker roles” - for taking care of small pockets of functionality such as notifications, diagnostics and connections - an ElasticSearch cluster – for letting our users search their world in milliseconds - and an “as a service” SQL DB (for old times’ sake) Finally, above all this is the principle of “don’t reinvent the wheel” – so wherever we can use a specialist external service, we do. All in all guys, today’s PH crowd has led us to break Azure’s core quota limitations (twice) and scale to almost 200 servers (and counting). I’d love to see that go up to a nice round 500 today - so signup and give us a go :)
@_jacksmithAs @aprotog cool to hear about the traction. not sure if I missed it, but what coding language are you using for the backend?
@_jacksmith A lot of the backend is in C# with a few funky new features being developed in nodeJS. Also, the more "micro" and distributed our architecture becomes we're moving to an entirely event driven model with Scala/Akka certainly on our radar. No rest for the wicked :)
Thanks for the feature, Jack. I’m the designer of Covve, and I’d love to hear your opinion. Hit me up with any UX/design-related question on Twitter @alexcican or a.cican@covve.com