Don't just buy this origami lamp. Make it.

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My lamp is on the way (I chose blossom light). Meanwhile, I wanted to hunt this because of the compelling idea behind it - that the experience of making your own lamp is what makes it special. :)
Thank you @violetanedkova for hunting us! I'm David, origamica founder, here to answer. We took a completely new approach on the old but popular concept of origami paper lamps. The difference? You will make them and make them shine by you. I was told that nobody wants to make things today, because nobody has a time. I believe it's not true. What do you think? Making something by yourself… what a feeling! You can recognize it clearly seeing people folding their lamp. They smile, they are happy. They are proud of themselves. There is $15 USD off for Product Hunters, use LOVEPRODUCTHUNT :) We are here to inspire creators and makers like you, Product Hunters. I'd love to hear your feedback.
@dadc Awesome. Looks like you're delivering some "pre-creased" paper to make it easier to get right. How do you think about scaffolding to make sure people are pleased with the end product?
@jfilcik Thanks Joe! Yeah, paper is pre-creased so the folds are easy to make. When you start bending the paper, it feels like it snap to the fold. It's like talking with the paper :) (sorry, I just like it so much). I saw 30 people or so to fold the lamp (I had a couple of workshops) and they did not have a big problem. Was it what did you mean by scaffolding?
@dadc awesome. Sorry, metaphorical "scaffolding" - in education teachers talk about reducing the number of students can fail at an assignment as scaffolding. As students get better scaffolding is removed. Your pre-creased paper is like scaffolding for origami. Any other things you do to make it error-proof?
@jfilcik Thanks, I'll remember meaning, Joe. I knew it from programming. Nothing is error-proof, I think...;-) but, well. In the kit is dry-test paper. The same folds, the same beautiful Italian paper. Because if you fold it wrong way, you can see, refold and try again without worries about your lamp. And if you fold it right, your "real" lamp will look even better (and you will have one more small lampshade to play with... to paint it for example). Our support is the key, too. For us it the most important great feeling you have once finished making the lamp. Photo and soon video support do it very well. And last resort - everybody can have a bad day and destroy the paper (both papers) completely. Just send us a photo and we can offer you to obtain "start-again kit". New paper for a dime (ok, it's $10 USD). But we do the best to be sure you will not need it... :) We are constantly looking for ways to improve it. Any ideas are really welcome! What do you think, Joe?
I do love china ball lamps! :)
@everywheresean Thank you, Sean. Good idea to add more types ;)
Love the design! Where did you guys learn to "design" your own origami?
@nanoalb Hi Albert, thank you so much for your words! The fold itself is traditional - not complicated and widely used. The key for us was to find proper dimensions for different occasions (Spring and Blossom). We were limited by the complexity, too. The main characteristics is that everyone can do it. So we cannot use difficult folding (I made several lamp, big and beautiful, but it usually took 6-10 hours and I'm afraid that this will be too much to ask :)). To make Spring takes about 50 minutes if you are not in a hurry. Blossom takes little bit more. We do not want to make it faster... we want to see everybody to enjoy the process and be proud of making it, not see the process as a required evil to have a lamp.
Could not find info if it fits to the european socket or not... Or so you sell only the lamp cover?
@llumiaho Hi Lasse, thanks for your questions. In fact we do not sell even the lamp cover - we sell kit to make it yourself. This experience (and the result of course - the lampshade) is what is going here :) And to be exact - yes, cable and socket are not included. You can use your existing one (usually from the lamp from IKEA or so) or buy the color/length that fits your needs.