Oribi for Marketing Agencies

Track and optimize all your clients' domains in one account

The first conversion optimization tool dedicated to marketing agencies who are in charge of multiple domains. Oribi for Agencies helps you set up your clients for success and communicate your great work. And like Oribi for Companies, we make it EASY for you.
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Thanks, @benln 🙏 Really appreciate the hunt! Hi Hunters! We're Oribi - the tool that makes web analytics easy (and awesome!) for everyone. We turn your data into actionable insights and help you base your decisions on the right information. After a great hunt last year, I’m really excited to be back with this special treat - Oribi for Marketing Agencies. 🦌 With over 3,000 agencies using Oribi today, we’ve now built a tool that helps you handle all your clients’ domains, know if something requires your attention, take the right actions, and easily prove value to your clients. Oribi for Agencies is incredibly easy - and makes wasted time a thing of the past! You get to track all your clients’ domains in one account, everything is collected automatically for you, and things that require your attention are highlighted immediately. You get the right insights to optimize your clients’ results. And we even have the reports ready so you can share your great work - branded with your own or your client’s logo. 🚀 Feel free to give this new power tool a whirl. I’m excited to hear your feedback! Iris
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I love the fact that all social media and other online channels integrated into one tool. @irisshoor If, for example, I'd like to give one of my client's access to their dashboard. Is it possible? (Do you offer sort of a white-label solution?)
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Hey @yuval_halevi 👋 Great to hear! Yes, it's absolutely possible to give your clients access to their dashboards - fully branded with your own or your client's logo. We've added a white-label solution to Oribi for Agencies, so, you can match Oribi to your or your clients' brands.
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@iris_shoor Got it! So the whitelabel solution might work for me Oribi's logo is awesome by the way so don't take it personal xD
Not at all @yuval_halevi 😉 But I'm taking the compliment - thanks!! 💛
Looks like clean design and easy to understand reports (which is the most important in my opinion) I hate long & boring reports with dozens of unnecessary details, and this looks like a life-saving tool
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Exactly what we were aiming for with this feature, @stacey_m_breeden . Thanks so much for the feedback!! Oribi's reports are meant to save you the time spent on building (or reading) endless reports. They get down to the bottom of things, and give space for highlights, insights and great work. 🙏
Super cool to see Oribi on product hunt again!! Excited to check it out.
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Awesome @bar_da! Thanks for the amazing comment. Happy to be back 🙌
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Looks like a useful tool! Some of the clients I work with actually have several domains, can Oribi be used for cross-domain tracking?
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Awesome to hear, @juliachristine 🙏 Yes, Oribi offers cross-domain tracking. You can add multiple domains to one account, build funnels across domains, see where they get lost, how single visitors move from one domain to the other, and what they visit/click.
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