Meet the next generation of web analytics. Instead of 'more data', Oribi gets you insights to optimize your marketing efforts and drive conversions! Extremely easy setup & usage, the right set of features and a smart algorithm to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Thanks, @benln , for hunting this! πŸ™ We're excited to be shared on Product Hunt as our goal is to help startups and SMBs make sense of their website analytics. If you're wondering what Oribi is all about, let me introduce us: I'm Iris, the founder of Oribi. After founding two successful startups, I've decided to tackle one of the biggest pains of marketing today: Making web analytics easy and accessible for everyone. There’s no question about the importance of web analytics to get the most out of your online efforts. But there’s no real solution out there for SMBs, yet. Most tools require developers to get started, analysts to find meaningful insights – or simply take lots of your time to sort through piles of data. This is where Oribi started πŸš€ . We’ve built a tool that is as flexible and quick as you need to be, full of actionable insights and with all the features you need to analyze and improve your online efforts: Marketing Channel Analysis, Button Performance, Landing Page Tracking, Individual Visitor Journeys, Event Correlations, Smart Funnels, Health Check, Reports, and much more. Feel free to check out Oribi. I'd love to hear what you think. πŸ™‚
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@iris_shoor love the tool - Are you thinking of developing more tools for less "data savvy" users or build Oribi up as a go to for all kind of people interested in web analytics?
@itaielizur thanks for the love! I've always believed that the best tools are the ones that are simple. For now, we're all dedicated in tackling the complex field of web analytics with Oribi to make it accessible for all kinds of people - the ones that consider themselves less data savvy as well as the ones that know their way around but just want to save the time it takes to sift through all that data yourself. There are plenty of more features to come soon πŸš€
@iris_shoor got it! Does Oribi offer any "context"? As in, tips on things people should do in their specif sites according to the data you see?
@itaielizur Yes, we've put a lot of brain into this, to help users be guided by their data - without starting to freely interpret πŸ˜‰ Oribi highlights any context that might influence your site's traffic and conversions, such as new pages and buttons, weekends and holidays in the countries your site gets traffic from. And our Insights & Health Check feature is exactly serving that need of understanding your data, as well. This feature points out trends in your site's traffic, visitors' demographics and usage behavior and conversion goals. It also explains why changes happened, e.g. a peak in a specific conversion might be closely connected to a peak in your overall traffic or a new button that is well positioned on your site. And Oribi highlights how to optimize your online efforts, such as how many times a visitor returns before converting and if retargeting is important for your marketing strategy, which marketing channels perform best for different actions, which content has the biggest impact on your conversions, etc.
@benln @iris_shoor Have requested for demo. Lets see. Few thoughts if you are planning to B2B sales : a) Target recently funded start-ups. Since they have money in their bank accounts, they are now going to spend money to buy softwares which can help them with analytics. So best time to reach out to them. b) Target companies which are hiring for product marketing manager, data analytics. Since they are hiring for product and analytics, it makes sense for them to use your product because it means they are willing to spend money on analytics. c) Using, you can target all E-commerce companies.

It starts with the on-boarding process. If you want a web-analytics app that feeds you with a spoon, this is the right tool for you. Super simple and easy to set up, as web-analytics should be for people who are less data-savvy.


All events are collected automatically. I don’t need to code anything. And any change on my website is updated automatically.


I’d like to be able to customize the reports better, choose which stats I want to share with others, and move widgets.

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Thanks for the love, @alon_keren ✌ Happy you enjoy one of Oribi's biggest values - automatic event tracking. Many of our users really like the whitelabel solution and share Oribi's reports with their clients and colleagues. We got the feature request of customizing widgets and show only specific stats before - and will introduce a more customized solution for our reports soon 😊 Stay tuned.

We looked into replacing our analytics with something mush fresher and new.

Oribi was a great alternative for us to better analyse our marketing and traffic funnels. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for a new analytics tool.


Great UI, very easy to use


Needs to improve API integration

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Thumbs all the way up, @asaf_fybish ! Happy to hear you enjoy Oribi's easy and intuitive UI. The funnel feature helps many of our users optimize their site. Just recently, one of our agency clients used Oribi's funnels, to restructure and improve their entire site, across several domains. 😍 Further API integrations are one of the next features on our roadmap. Currently, you can integrate custom events from Facebook and Google Analytics to use them in your Oribi account as well πŸ‘
Love the way this platform identifies "events" it thinks are worthy of tracking and suggests them in the dashboard. Muuuch more straightforward than Google Analytics in that regard, and without too many compromises.
Thanks for the feedback, @osbennn ! That's our starting point. As the need for data-informed decisions increases, web analytics needs to become much easier, more clever and way more agile. Happy to hear you're finding that in Oribi πŸ™

Seems like they are on the right path - Seems like a great tool for noobs :)


Thanks to the Insights & Health Check I have a quick daily brief of anything I should look into.


Tool uses First Touch attribution model. And while this is surely more insightful than Last Touch, I’d love to see the full funnel.

Thanks @itaielizur πŸ™ Insights & Health Check are our newest feature and clearly one of the strongest to help you focus on the most important information in your data. We've decided to start with the First Touch attribution model - but will introduce a much more in-depth attribution feature in the next few weeks. You'll then be able to see the full split of Single Touch, as well as all channels for Multiple Touch (First Touch, Assisting Channels and Last Touch, including the percentages of each channel). In addition to that, you'll also get a detailed overview of how much each channel attributes to all your conversion goals to determine the value of your customers' touch points.