Effortless transformation of interior spaces

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Oh, those women who wake up with the applied make-up and perfect hair ><
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when will there be an 'add to cart' button? :-)
@adamlaz Thinking the same thing...
@adamlaz Take my money!
A collaboration between Yves Behar of fuseproject and an MIT Media Lab spin-off, Ori is a way to make smaller spaces smarter and beautiful. The robotic funiture system can transform 200-300 square feet into a living room, bedroom, closet and office. From the fuseproject blog (https://fuseproject.com/work/ori...), "...we wanted to create an experience of luxury despite the obvious lack of space. This can be done utilizing quality materials, creating efficiencies through space and functionality, and also through the experience of the technology itself."
@kunalslab May be because of my own geographical constraints, but the first question that pops in my mind is - "Earthquake ?"
@acpmasquerade interesting thought. Given they call out the SF market specifically, I'm guessing this is one of Ori's concerns too.
Very handy in San Francisco...
@nivo0o0 I am already planning where to move so I can later implement this product!
There is plenty of similar innovations, rolled out to mainstream consumers, in Korea and Japan..
@tomasruta kindly help list similar types please
@tomasruta If you could provide, I would be interested in seeing the list of similar innovations. Thanks!