Organ Trail

The Oregon Trail but with zombies

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The dev team behind this game lives in my area - Chicago. It's a fun take on the Oregon Trail style game but with their a zombified twist. Dysentery will be the furthest thing from your mind while trying to survive
@ryan_olsen Yeah, I super dig this game.
@ryan_olsen @russfrushtick Yeah this game is great. 6th grade nostalgia plus zombies is hard to beat
Organ Trail. I get it. I (and everyone else give or take 5 years my age) probably has fond memories of procrastinating at school on the Oregon Trail.
@rrhoover Ahh yes, the good ol' days. Only some of the computers in my school's lab had Oregon Trail installed. If you were lucky you got one of those. Otherwise you were playing Number Munchers, Word Munchers, or Treasure MathStorm!
Heh. I really enjoy the zombie twist on a classic game. I know that computer days with Oregon Trail were my favorite so this is a very friendly throwback with a postmodern twist. I'm into it.