All-in-one english dictionary web app for language learners

An educational application that helps English learners study new vocabularies in a more effective way. The app basically combines definitions, synonyms, sentence examples, and mnemonics together so students do not have to go search in multiple websites.
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Kittichote Kamalapirat
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I created this application to help me study new vocabularies more effectively. The thing is I am studying GRE (a standardized test required for graduate students in the US) which is well known for its advanced vocabularies. Many words are difficult to remember and I would have to search for the meaning, mnemonics, sentence examples in various websites which are really cumbersome. Therefore, I created this app which combines all the resources in one single website. Also, the terms are saved to database so learners I can access them easily later on. I hope that students who have same difficulty enjoy this app as well ! Please let me know what do you guys think !