Direct your life. Build habits.

Order's intuitive email like functionality will help you build or drop habits and maintain healthy routines effortlessly and effectively without the anxiety of daily streaks or to do lists.
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Con: no Android Version ;-)
My life long obsession with self-improvement has led me to believe in the necessity of building habits. Habits create automation and as a result efficiency in your life. The older you get the more automation you require as your days are packed with endless routines that occupy your mind and absorb its resources desperately needed in other areas like trying to stay out of trouble with your wife. Having successfully developed an unsuccessful habit building app Selfism, I realized building habits is one thing and managing routines is another. Both equally as important but requiring a different level of commitment and when you're already juggling multiple commitments in your life adding more seems unmanageable. Allow me to introduce Order, an app to take on the commitment for you and help you build new habits and maintain healthy routines effortlessly and effectively without the anxiety of daily streaks or to do lists. Order takes the approach of starting everything as a routine and helping you maintain it or turn it into a habit. Once you start you can’t fail, there are no streaks or annoying drill sergeants, you decide if you do it daily, weekly or monthly. Whether to help you Stop Smoking or remind you to Wash Your Hair, Order will be there to put your life in order.
Awesome Awesome Awesome Design, I also think you got something going with tying habits or dailys goals/tasks as time sensitive. and having the user get a note ect.What I see alot the problem with similar apps is they require user imput. Make it simple people have the habit of drinking water, sleeping better, getting fit not imputing data , Love to see YES or NO notifacations tied to a time the user sets daily. I would love to see it sync with other apps, fitness, financials, sleep ect. Get something cooking. 2nd level wellness apps space is wide open Love it!! But still so clean and smooth LOVE IT
@chad_piatek Hmm that is an interesting suggestion to have YES or NO notifications tied to a time the user sets daily. To put it in your own words... LOVE IT! :-) I'll definitely look more into that. Thank you, Chad!
@chad_piatek As promised I have looked into that and more :-) As of next release, when scheduling your routines you can select the times at which you'd like to receive the alerts. After receiving an alert you can update the routine right there and then using 3D touch. Read our blog post at medium.com/@groappnow to learn more.
The UI is beautiful
@francis_cajalne Thank you so much Francis, you just made my day! UI was definitely top of the list during development.
I would like to have the app in spanish.
@melqui_david_bm Lo tendré en mente :-)