Making databases simple again

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Thanks for posting @turoczy -- I'm from Orchestrate and happy to answer any questions here.
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Orchestrate is doing for databases what Amazon did for servers, and the founders know the database space really well. Looking forward to seeing them continue to grow and take away some of the unnecessary pain of building.
The news that reminded me to add them http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/15...
From a somewhat non technical point of view, @adamd how does Orchestrate compare to other backend as a service companies like Parse, Firebase etc.? I assume the use cases are different.
@andrewrlin Parse and Firebase are respectively focused on backend-as-a-service and real-time apps. We expose the features of databases that enable many use cases. Our closer competitors provide one or two flavors of database-as-a-service. Again, our approach is to expose the best features of multiple databases (currently JSON key-value store, search, time series data, geographic location queries, and relationship graphing) in a single API that is reliable and scalable.
@adamd Thanks for the explanation!
Pretty sweet reminds me a bit of http://firebase.com