Gamify your team work and get things done super faster

Gamify your team work and get thing's done faster. Simple team collaboration/task management tool.

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Interesting idea. I worry that this could lead to toxic competitive dynamics between teammates. Leaderboards can be very effective and motivating, but also lead to less collaborative behavior. Thoughts on this, @deepakkumar268?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan. Thanks for the question and let me say we are aware of the issue. The sheer fact you’re asking about this issue means there is a problem needed resolving and Orcaso is the solution. Nevertheless, it is a complicated problem as it originates in the human psyche. The current version of Orcaso is not the solution, but the first step towards this resolve and I’d say we began to scratch the surface. We created the product, and currently, we’re working on a technical solution that would resolve the problem you’re asking about. We don’t want to come out with a half-baked answer. So until we perfect this crucial aspect, we are offering educative articles for team managers to create the positive work environment that leads to positive instead of negative competition. Picture it like this. Currently, we’re offering a tool that gives you the possibility to gamify your work, but it doesn’t create a shield against negative competition. For now, this has to be done manually by the team manager. Until we create the shield (currently, this is our top priority) what we can do is offer educative content to help cope with that. But when we create this powerful shield, it will be a huge step in effectively managing a team. I believe you agree and we are looking forward to the moment this becomes a reality. Once again, thank you for your question.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, I am happy to say that, today we took a step towards the problem you addressed above. A new update to Orcaso, enabling people to discuss and ask for help from other colleagues. When someone helps you to complete your task, you reward them back with a point. Remember playing Co-op games like Contra? Where in, when your partner loses his life or get's stuck, it gets harder for you to progress alone and get things done. So you trade a life of yours to get him back. Because as a team you're stronger. What do you think? @rrhoover
@deepakkumar268 nice! Co-op seems like a much better direction.
Hi, I am the maker of Orcaso.io here. Pleasure interact with the community in here at Product Hunt website. We have designed something that's very simple and gamified at micro levels, just enough to make it happen. 'The increase in productivity.' Summer 2017, I Graduated from Y Combinator's Startup School with another idea. But While I was in there, something beautiful happened to me. The pleasure hearing to practical advice. One key Advice they kept stressing and I liked was this "Get things done faster. That's the route to progress". to deliver greatness, the team matters. What drives them? How committed are they? That differentiates a leader and a chaser. The project management tools are good enough to review and track. They tell us what's happening but don't help. And the very familiar ones are very complex, and I don't think so complexity helps productivity. We need something very simple, light and works at the micro level. Gamification works. But gamification is not just about leaderboards and trophies. We need something that hits the right bones and makes them move. A continuous motivated environment. Well, that's how orcaso.io is designed. The traditional working system will fail in the coming years. We need to evolve. We shouldn't hire and place them in cubicles. We should build a community and nurture them while they are working together. Orcaso is the beginning. Over the coming years, possibly we will be adding more to make it better 'n' better but I promise, I will keep it as simple as possible. Because 'keep things as simple as possible and see how uncomplicated the life becomes'. Oh, I forgot, leave us a feedback and get back discounts and gifts delivered to your door-step (or mailbox).

It's a team management software, but the real idea behind it is to gamify your team through competition. You have a scoreboard and every time someone finishes a task, they get points and are placed on the scoreboard.


It's simple and it can definitely help with team productivity through creating this positive competitive environment focused on fun.


It's in its early stage so naturally it has a lot of room for improvement. Then again, that's not really a con.

Congrats Deepak! Love your team building, tracking and recognition tool. Hope it's okay to showcase your masterpiece in my marketplace (to be launched very very soon). 🙌
@belecona Thanks for your support Beth! Interested to hear more.
@deepakkumar268 Sure Deepka. I am still new to the PH community (my profile photo doesn't even sync correctly 😂). Guess you either wait for my product launch here (will happen very soon) or enlighten me the communication protocol here. Thanks again for sharing your amazing team tool. 👌
@belecona Ha Sure :D. You can write me an email to deepak@orcaso.io .