Orcaso 2.0

Gamify the way you work and get everything done

Orcaso 2.0 is Orcaso.io is a revolutionary task and project management software, aimed at simplifying and enhancing the otherwise complicated experience of project management. Orcaso.io creates a stimulating environment for all users while still ensuring simplicity and ease in all actions.

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6M_VR5n21U

  • Pros: 

    User Interface, simplicity, efficient Management of tasks makes breakdown of software projects easier and way more interesting to work upon.


    Would be better if we get frequent updates

    Orcaso plays the role of a project manager in the most efficient and effective way. It breaks down complex tasks into simpler portions. And the best part is that it's gamefied. Now, who wouldn't want to have some fun while working? Orcaso is the perfect balance between work and play. It also gives cool badges that make you or your team mates complete task faster. Definitely worth an upvote!

    Sushmita Raj Tilak has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    The UI of the product is really good and totally automates the role of a Project Manager and brings transperancy .


    Not much

    The product totally automates the role of a Product Manager and provides an ethical and efficient way to go about tasks and allocation . It also boosts the sense of work and aura with the cute avatars allocated.

    Sri Vidhya has used this product for one month.
Orcaso’s journey began on ProductHunt last November and we were pleasantly overwhelmed by the community support and appreciation. We spent the consequent months considering all your feedback and ironing out any small creases to create a task manager that also motivates people in the workplace, through gamification. We have given shape to productivity and intelligence to push success forward. We are proud to introduce you to Orcaso 2.0 and invite you to show us your continuous support. Follow us on, Twitter to learn productivity hacks Medium to read about gamification AngelList to work with us or for business partnership We’re rolling out exclusive discounts for our ProductHunt launch and the coupon codes are as follows: 50% discount - PH50 - For the first 100 users 40% discount - PH40 - For the next 200 users If you are an existing customer, reach out to us on Intercom for exclusive discounts!
Best task manager. UI/UX is too awesome, The end reports are very useful to assign tasks to employees.
Looks promising!! Couple of questions: Do you have integrations with other project management tools like trello/jira/asana? Can I import existing project (tasks & users) from other tools?
I think this product is an ideal one for many companies in managing and allocating tasks and it will cut down on costs and bring in transperancy. It also boosts the work sense and the avatars are really amazing and the presence of various task sheets indicate a personal healthy approach to work :)
Orcaso is a must have for any project that you are working on. It is the best project/task manager you could ever have. It drives you to completed work faster in an efficient way. It gives cool badges like the flash, heavy weight lifter and the maximum point scorer as a pat on the back to the team member(s) who does remarkable work. More importantly it sees to that, that every team member contributes towards the project in an effective manner. The RPPD tracker makes sure you don't procrastinate and segments your part of the work into daily amount of time needed per day. Much more exciting features awaits the user. And plus its gamefied.. what more does a task managing tool need?