An all electric jet-ski by Taiga ⚡️

Orca is the first step in Taiga’s mission to accelerate mass market adoption of electric alternatives.
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Woah love the look of this. Specs seem pretty good as well, although quite a bit pricey at $24,000
@aaronoleary Good jet-skis cost good amount of money. I'm pretty they drive the price down in version 2 or later.
@nkotov Admittedly I'm not super experienced with jet-skis. I'm curious is this an okay price to ask? Presuming it's upped some bit because it's electric
@aaronoleary Yeah it's price in the higher end of the prices but still within the range of what a new jet-ski costs.
@aaronoleary Wow,it's awesome to have own boat!
This looks awesome but one concern I have is time to charge. Often the benefit of owning a jet-ski is the ability to quickly fill up and get going again for several hours.
@rrhoover pick up a few of these for Lake Tahoe? 🏄‍♂️
@aaronoleary I'd be down but not sure that'll fit our budget 😂
@rrhoover Crowd-fund for our off-site 🤔😂
A lot cheaper than the announced Nikola Wav. I wonder how they compare...
Wow,it's awesome to have own boat!