Orbital Bootcamp

A bootcamp to explore ideas by launching side projects

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Orbital helps people launch side projects. Not all ideas need to be high growth startups that are looking for a massive exit. And not all high growth startups start out looking like ideas that will become a high growth startup. Orbital lets people explore an idea without the baggage of needing it to become something. It's a place to try and learn. Part of Product Hunt's charm is that ideas people find interesting, amusing or worthwhile have a home on the internet even if they might not become scalable businesses. Orbital is a physical space for such things. Orbital will have a 12 week boot camp and their application is currently open. The way Fred Wilson describes Gary / Orbital says it all: "Gary is not maximizing for revenue. He is maximizing for soul."
@EAWharton Thanks! This may be the best explanation of the program that I've seen.