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Weekly list of software contractors ready for immediate work

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Hey! Moonlight helps companies increase momentum by hiring top software engineers as part-time consultants. Today we're launching a new service called Orbit, a weekly list of top software contractors ready for immediate work. The goal with this product is to connect contractors who are available this week to companies that need them right away. You'll get the first issue delivered as soon as you sign up. The list includes the contractors available this week, their background, how many hours they're available this week, their hourly rate, and examples of how they have helped teams move faster. If you're interested in working with Moonlight contractors, sign up for Orbit. If you're interested in being a contractor through Moonlight, sign up to work with us! We built Moonlight out of a desire to promote remote work and facilitate better collaboration with talented engineers. We just finished YC Startup School, check us out in the first office hours video - https://youtu.be/abtHadERzXU?t=2...
Email signup won’t work even on Safari. The box simply keeps disappearing (?!).
@andym_dc Oh no! I tried replicating, but it works on safari for me. I'll reach out on Twitter to get more browser details. Here's a direct link to the signup form: https://moonlight9.typeform.com/...
This is incredibly exciting, Philip & Emma!
What is the process of vetting contractors? I have got a few jobs completed on Upwork and I am satisfied with the quality of the work delivered on upwork. So what is the value addition here? Is it the quality of contractors?
@meetmranil The value is in having quality contractors who are not normally in the contractor market. Because most jobs are part-time, 62% of our 1000+ contractors have day jobs at companies like Facebook and Google. This means that we have access to extremely specialized engineers. They have completed tasks in areas like dev-ops, AI, data processing, and when you request help with a specific software (like Redux), we can match you to somebody who works with that technology full-time. This is why we're launching Orbit - so that you can see the type of contractors on Moonlight before submitting a task!