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Fun, flexible, visual time tracking.

I created Orbit, a flexible, visual, and fun way to track time as a way to help easily-distracted people like me manage their most valuable resource 🕘Do you find your #1 obstacle to accomplishing your goals is “not enough time”? 🤷🏼What if I told you there IS enough time—you’re just not aware of it? 😯

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Tadas LegotaMobile app developer
Interesting idea, but I found some bugs for example if you start timer and delete it, timer doesn't stop
Tim Winfreeco-founder, Naranja Studio
I love that there is no sign-up and that it takes about a minute to master. That's fantastic. It also has a very pleasant design. It does seem a little buggy, at the moment, so I'm not sure I'd start relying on it yet. This might be perfect for some as is, but for me, I'd need the ability to parent activities. I like to see how long a project is taking, as well as the individual tasks that make it up. I also have a habit of forgetting to turn of my timer, so I'd also need the ability to edit time slices.
Roman ArellanoFounder of Accounting Hunt
That's pretty slick @pixelswithin! I think having the time highlighted on each circle instead of the bottom would be easier to track