Track your mind-body connection.

Health and happiness arise from a place of connection between mind, body and soul. Orb is an app to help you cultivate greater self-awareness and authenticity. Use the mind-body connection to tap into your natural inner guidance and empower your wellbeing.
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I was a beta tester on this app, and liked it enough to buy it when it came out on the app store. In the beginning I was too lazy to do more than one check-in per day, but even so I noticed myself becoming more aware of my emotions and inner workings as I went through my day. So then I started using it more to it's full capacity, making notes and taking a bit more time, also doing 3 check-ins per day. Something kind of hard to describe happens - I noticed I was more able to see the thoughts that were causing difficult feelings to arise in me, and with that I could examine the thoughts and see if they were even in alignment with how I want my life to go.... It was amazing to note that most of what goes on in my head is simply habitual and not productive, and also I saw how easy it is to change the habitual thinking once I become aware of it..... all this from just checking in on my feelings with this easy app. Thank You Orb!
Thanks Orb. It really inspired me. Can we talk via dm? duykhanh9242(at)gmail(dot)com