A daily summary of your favorite subreddits

Select your favorite subreddits and we'll send you a daily email with the top posts from each one.
Great idea! It would be nice to be able to just connect your account and then automatically send weekly or daily summary.
@pierrickgt Yes that's a really good idea, something I will definitely look into.
I like the idea but I prefer to be a weekly summary instead of daily.
@anasrabei Thanks for the feedback, I plan to add more customizations soon like email frequency and timing.
Would like to see a sample email. Please include that in the screenshots. Also a privacy policy and terms of use clearly explaining what you intend to do with subsciber emails would be a nice addition.
@preetesh_jain Thanks for the feedback, I added a link to a sample email, and a simple privacy policy to start with.
Really cool tool. I found a bunch of new subreddits! But I was frustrated at how hard it was to check subreddits against the list – like I found a new one, went and checked it out, then to go back to the list and keep scrolling down was a pain. Maybe instead of a drop-down box you could use a multiselect box? And/or a list of all the subreddits with links?
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