Orange Charger

A 90W power supply with a USB-C hub Integrated together

Orange solves the problem of carrying a bag full of charges and adapters. With 3 USB Type A ports, SD card reader, and 4K HDMI Orange has you covered.

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I can't open the link, Indiegogo says the page is in draft.
@saverio_murgia Working on fixing the other link.
I'd love peoples feedback on Orange as we get ready to launch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
Will this work with other than apple laptops? say Dell XPS 13/15
@emad_alghamdi Yes it works will the Dell 13/15 in USB Laptops. Any device that is USB C PD2.0 will work with it.
I wouldn’t use it as I usually only plug in at night. During the day I just throw use my small adapter I keep in my top pocket.
@jkschonberg Do you charge your computer, phone and anything else at night? You could use this for charging lots of things at once.
You will need to use Thunderbolt 3 cable to connect between charger and Macbook, which can be a bit expensive if you want longer cable. Standard charging one supplied with Macbook will not support data transfer.
@adrian_nowak The product comes with a 6in USB-C cable so you can use that instead.