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With Oqtor you can instantly generate a beautiful design tailored to your business, and have it professionally printed & delivered to your doorstep in only a few days!


  • Pros: 

    Pretty amazed by the clean and slick design!


    Website should be responsive

    I was in need of a new business card, and found Oqtor. Gave it at spin and was very happy with the results. I initially tried with my iPad but had to go on my computer to finish the process. Other than that, it’s really good! Definitely A~++++

    Mathieu Garcia has used this product for one day.
  • Pete SamprasApp Designer

    Great Idea


    The result looks like a standard template with color variations

    Not shocking designs

    Could be done without AI

    Probably the first beta version, needs design per industry, at the end of the day you are competing with Envato templates that you can tune in 10 mins, therefore we expect SHOCKING designs

    Pete Sampras has used this product for one day.


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Edouard Treccani@edtreccani · Operations Manager at MassChallenge
I like to the fact that you can add your new hires in Oqtor, and have their new business cards shipped to you instantly. It takes 2 minutes and removes the pain. Well done guys.
Amin KasimovMaker@aminkasimov · Co-Founder @ Oqtor
@edtreccani Thank you for your feedback Edouard!
Amin KasimovMaker@aminkasimov · Co-Founder @ Oqtor
First of all thank you @messina for hunting Oqtor, we are excited to finally be on PH! Our story begins with our web design agency we founded almost 3 years ago during our studies. Having worked with a lot of small businesses we noticed that creating quality designs was a huge pain for a lot of entrepreneurs. They didn’t have the time, the will, the experience, the money (and the tools) to create beautiful designs that represented their business. Having felt ourselves the crushing pain for having a good design, we decided to build something we’d want to use ourselves. And that’s how the idea of Oqtor was born! Simply put, Oqtor allows you to instantly generate a beautiful design tailored to your business based on your company’s identity (logo, fonts, colors etc..). Once you’re satisfied you can then have your design professionally printed by your local printing company (we collaborate with printing companies in more than 60+ countries) and have it shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days! Our team is here all day to answer your questions, we’re really looking forward to your feedback! Please tell us what we can improve, and how we can make your life even more easier. Also for now you can only generate business cards, but we’re working hard to make other designs quickly available (the following months we’ll add a ton of new features :)). Amin, Jérémy, Nuri PS: As we love Product Hunt’s community, the shipping part is FREE of charge for the next 7 days in 60+ countries!
Olivier Hamel@prodibi_olivier · Co-founder @Prodibi
@messina @aminkasimov great job, will try very soon
Amin KasimovMaker@aminkasimov · Co-Founder @ Oqtor
@messina @prodibi_olivier Thank you Olivier!
Roman Kamushken@kamushken · Product Designer
Fix your logo. There're some pixels cut from the edge.
Amin KasimovMaker@aminkasimov · Co-Founder @ Oqtor
@kamushken Thanks for noticing, we'll fix that!
J. Pablo FernándezPro@pupeno · Founder at Dashman
How does the printing side of things work? I'm often sticking with Moo because the quality of the paper and the print job is good. I've had quite a few disappointments with other companies.
Amin KasimovMaker@aminkasimov · Co-Founder @ Oqtor
@pupeno We partnered with a network of local printing companies accross the world and they make sure the quality of the paper is top-notch! But if you want to stay with Moo, we also give the option to only purchase the design in a vectorized PDF file.
Wiktor Sobolak@wiktor_sobolak · Growth Marketer
It would be great to have easier access to the pricing and countries you operate in. I had to go through the whole process of creating, which is a bit annoying. Nonetheless your service itself seem to be useful. Good job!
Amin KasimovMaker@aminkasimov · Co-Founder @ Oqtor
@wiktor_sobolak Thank you for your feedback Wiktor, we'll take it in account for our next release! Did you like your design?
Wiktor Sobolak@wiktor_sobolak · Growth Marketer
@aminkasimov yes I did, I found it quite nice designed and useful :)