Opus Mage

A simpler internet built around your life.

Opus Mage is a project aiming to create a new framework for the web that lets applications talk to each other, gives user more powerful workspaces, and centralizes content around the user's life.
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Hello all, I'm Dylan, the founder of Opus Mage. This project started with a vision to maximize the potential of the internet, one of society's most valuable assets. I want this project to not only highlight all of the incredible avenues the internet has opened up, but create a more fluid experience for the user. If we spend so much time using technology to get work done and keep track of our lives, we should be using systems that are more tailored to our lives, smart, and secure. By launching Opus Mage here on Product Hunt, I hope to help foster a community of people who can work together to turn this rather diverse project into an actual product. Thank you, Dylan

I see a lot of potential in this product and am waiting on it’s success.


Is a product of innovative and creative thinking to make a better future available.


The sooner it is available the better.