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Hi. Optlook is our new project. Here are lots of growth hacker, product managers and internet gurus... I would like to have your feedback. You can also have a free trial in our webpage. What optlook does? Optlook brings you more traffic from social media. how? After you install optlook to your webpage 1. You will able to edit and customize your social media look. You can install twitter card etc. 2. We will audit your website. We will alert you about errors and give you recommendations to improve your social look 3. We give you very detailed analytics about your social media performance. We outperform the other solutions because 1. You can use any social button you want. You are not limited to use pre determined buttons. 2. We audit your thousands of pages. We find the errors automatically. 3. You can edit your look differently in every social media. We are still developing. Your contributions are more than welcomed.
...so increased traffic from social media is guaranteed?
@jamilvelji Hi Jamil, Facebook developer site says that "In order to have organic reach, you must use Facebook (app ID and admin ID) metatags in your website. %90 of websites do not manage these metatags, with optlook, you control and manage your social tags (twitter cards, facebook metatags... etc.) so, you will have more organic reach from social media. Moreover, we claim that, persuasive copywriting and suitable sharing images can triple social media traffic. We have dozens of case studies about it. With optlook, you can preview and edit your social look. And, more importantly, we have Audit feature. We automatically give you recommendations and we detect faults. After, you improve your social look, you can double your traffic from social media. OPtlook is your arsenal in this journey.
@ozguralaz It's great and all, I like the idea and product I just wanted to confirm. It's a bold statement to make and I like the idea behind it.