Optkit 2.0

The Conversion Rate Optimization Kit

Hey everyone! v2.0 just got launched this morning. Looking forward to hearing any feedback or questions.. Things are far from perfect but it's a big step in the direction I'm trying to go :)
This looks promising Jordan. Going to give this a spin within the upcoming weeks.
@basprass Much appreciated. Fixes and updates are being pushed live, so by then things will be more refined and cleaned up!
Congrats on the launch, @acoyfellow. What's new since v1 (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...)? Quick feedback: the landing page could use more visuals, imho. I want to "see" the product and reading the text description feels like work.
Thanks @rrhoover. It's literally too much to list here all of what is new, but I've included a blog post in related links ^ that dives into each new thing. Essentially v1.0 = popups on exit intent, with some cool features like geolocation targeting. v2.0 has 9+ more layers of segmentation available, multiple layout options, ability to live broadcast messages, more behavioral triggers. The irony of a conversion rate optimization software that has a terrible landing page.. (/me runs and hides in corner). Thanks for the feedback, and I can't agree more really. I just had to push live to get out the door, and now already reworking many pieces. "If you aren't embarrassed by your product then you launched too late" is beyond true. But things won't slow down until I deliver what I said I could :) I'm working on a new home page already, and re-writes of smaller modular parts of the system. I will be sure to heed your feedback when focusing on giving it a face-lift.
@acoyfellow you have to ship sometime! I haven't been completely satisfied with most things we've launch on PH. :)