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"Non-intrusive" ..... maybe this is personal opinion? I think any pop up when leaving a site is intrusive, even if it is packaged as a 'conversation' ๐Ÿ˜›
@bentossell Ah yeah you are right. Have changed the caption now.
You need to have a third option on your chatbot on your site - not always there is a yes no answer - I wanted to ask a question!
The slide out popup is exactly like the one Autopilot created... This looks like you lifted designs from other apps and then rolled them into your own product without even changing them first. I suggest having designer to remake everything unique to your product. Right now its hard to take it serious when everything looks lifted from other peoples hard work.
Hey Kevin, thanks for the hunt. We built OptinChat and tested it on our own blogs and saw a huge spike in conversion. People felt great completing the subscription using a chat than the boring Optin forms. We have features where you can collect emails even when you share your links. Would be here to answer any questions you may have.
@vinodhdavid The livechat design doesn't look like intercom at all. You even used intercom illustration! I'm patiently waiting for them to send cease and desist letter. Why would you copy em with no changes, not even try design your own illustration! God help the ecosystem
@uxdzen You are right. We built a prototype and used the image for initial MVP but forgot to remove or improve that. We will get this fixed real soon. Sorry about this.
Could there be a walk-through video ?