Automatically summarize, correct and translate any text.

Optimozor is a web app using advanced NLP algorithms to automatically optimize and summarize your notes, texts and courses. You can also use Optimozor to correct, translate and export your essays to PDFs.
The source code is available on GitHub.
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Please tell me what do you think of it! That's actually my first launch on Product Hunt :)
@merwanedr Curious, what made you build this and how has it helped you?
@amrith In fact I had to summarize a long essay I wrote earlier and I was simply lazy to do it. So I thought about creating a program that will do it for me (at least the effort amused me haha). Then I decided to improve it and integrated it into an API and made an interface for you to try it :)
Great to see your work there, Merwane! 👏😄I like the fact that you created additional features on top of ilazytoread ! Keep building, keep launching!
@whizzzoe thanks a lot! :)
Now that you're familiar with Optimozor, what additional features would you be interested in?
@merwanedr The ability to deploy it as a serverless microservice!
@selfagency sure I can even give you the source code, DM me on Twitter 😁
@selfagency @merwanedr just make a glitch.com !

it is useful


easy to use


don't make title mandatory

Thanks for the feedback!
can you describe the intelligence behind the summarizing ? Also check please for firefox, you have display issues on textes
@francoolaami Thanks for the bug report! I used a pre trained Keras NLP Model for the summarizing part :)
@francoolaami @merwanedr I see that you released the source code at https://github.com/Merwanedr/Opt... It seems that the summarization model selects important sentences and it is not based on Keras. Am I missing something?
@francoolaami @ialuronico I decided to implement another library for performance issues, using Keras (as I used to) would take way more time to perform requests :)
@merwanedr still issues on FF