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jovica@jovica · #Psychology #Marketing #DevOps
So if I understand well, the course is created by Thomas Palef. However, on the pages of the course, it's written that the author of the course is Thomas Lefevre. What's going on here, I'm curious? :) Now, @thomaspalef, is Thomas Lefevre your "second" name? And if you, Thomas Palef, have created the course - how can you give testimonial to yourself? :) Here it is: "Within 2 months Thomas managed to improve the sales of our main product (a technical ebook) by 17%." Thomas Palef and it's available on this page: http://www.lexiip.com/grow/
Thomas Palef
Thomas PalefMaker@thomaspalef · Product Manager/Designer
Hey PH! After getting a lot of inquiries from friends about how they could improve their websites, I decided to write a short and actionable email course about this. Let me know if you have any questions! :-)
Fabio Virgi
Fabio VirgiHiring@fabiovirgi_ · Paddle.com
@thomaspalef Nice one Thomas! I just signed up and looking forward to the course.