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  • Pietro Saccomani
    Pietro SaccomaniFounder of 50pixels

    Valuable lessons and free templates



    Loved the course. Wes packs lots of valuable advice and ready to use templates to ask the right questions in customer interviews, learn more about your customers and their pain points and then translate this into changes that will improve your trial conversion.

    Pietro Saccomani has used this product for one week.
  • Lucas Mondora
    Lucas MondoraSaaS Conversion Specialist

    Actionable. Insightful. If applied correctly, this course will make you more money.



    If you’re looking for ways to get your SaaS into the hands of more paying customers, this mini-course is for you.

    Wes takes an in-depth look at the #1 way of increasing your conversion rates: Understanding what makes your customers buy.

    As someone who’s worked in CRO for a few years, I’ve used quite a few frameworks to understand what drives my customers to action. But the frameworks in this course has proven to be the most beneficial.

    Jaw-dropping demand starts at knowing what motivates your customers. Wes’s course takes first-place in showing you how to achieve this.

    Lucas Mondora has used this product for one month.
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Wes Bush
Wes BushMaker@wes_bush · I'm the free trial & freemium specialist
Hey, I'm @wes_bush! 👋 I’m so excited to launch this free course today! I’ve acquired 100,000+ users for Traffic Is Currency and have noticed a few common mistakes that prevent SaaS organizations from converting visitors into customers. To be honest, I’ve made ALL of these conversion mistakes myself and it’s taken me YEARS to figure this stuff out. My goal is to help you avoid as many of these mistakes as humanly possible in 14-days. Are you ready to bring your SaaS conversion rate back to life? :) -Wes P.S. I'd LOVE to get some feedback and answer any questions you have. 🙏
Hireri@hirerijobs · We help local companies hire.
When I shifted my SaaS into a free trial model, this course was a gold mine for me! Absolutely loved it.
Wes Bush
Wes BushMaker@wes_bush · I'm the free trial & freemium specialist
@robert_norberciak I'm so happy to hear it was extremely helpful for you!
Orlando Lieberum
Orlando Lieberum@orlando_lieberum · COO of Nearest!
it's what I need now...written understandable and helpful, thanks
Wes Bush
Wes BushMaker@wes_bush · I'm the free trial & freemium specialist
@orlando_lieberum Brilliant! I look forward to hearing how it helps you boost conversions at Nearest!
Brengues Alexandre
Brengues Alexandre@abrengues · Marketer B2B
Pretty great stuff learn how to use and implement properly and easily the JTBD framework. I've been overwhelmed by the ton of stuff available on the web about JTBD but the Wes's course is the most actionnable stuff i seen on the internet to implement it without struggle. I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur or marketer, it's a valuable one.
Wes Bush
Wes BushMaker@wes_bush · I'm the free trial & freemium specialist
@abrengues Damn. Now, you're making me blush. Thanks so much for the feedback, boss!
Ricardo Ghekiere
Ricardo Ghekiere@ricardo_ghekiere · B2B Growth Evangelist
Most content around the web is written for SEO machines. a lot of writing, not a lot of action. This is one of the few courses which are both helpful and actionable. A must for SaaS owners and marketers.
Wes Bush
Wes BushMaker@wes_bush · I'm the free trial & freemium specialist
@ricardo_ghekiere Thanks, Ricardo! I'm glad you found it actionable. :)