Optimal Living Daily - Leo Babauta

How to make the most of the fresh start of a new year

Neat podcast where @OLDPodcast reads popular blog posts that he finds.
Hey! Great to be listed here! I'm a first-timer... new to Product Hunt and loving it. :) I just wanted to share some more information about this podcast that I created about a month ago: As an introvert serial entrepreneur with social anxiety working from home, I found myself withdrawing more and more from the external world because I could, frankly. It was an easy out. But a couple months ago, I finally decided I needed to do something about it. I needed to be exposed to social situations--to be uncomfortable, and grow out of this shell. At the same time, I enjoyed reading blogs revolving around personal development, productivity, and meditation, but I struggled to find the time to keep up with them... And I loved podcasts, especially how I could digest so much more information in less time, but I found hour-long, daily episodes to be way too time-consuming to keep up with. Why couldn't someone simply read the best blogs on personal development in a podcast? Thus, Optimal Living Daily was born... a sort of social experiment for me, but also a more efficient way for you to take some of the best blogs on personal development, productivity, minimalism, and meditation on the go. It's been a wild ride! The podcast has been floating around the Top Charts in iTunes for the Health category--anywhere from #10-#40--and as a first-time podcaster that hates his own voice and has social anxiety, let's just say that was the last thing I expected. I'm currently reading blog posts (with permission) from: TheMinimalists.com (Minimalism) ZenHabits.net (Personal Development, Minimalism, Meditation) MrMoneyMustache.com (Financial) StevePavlina.com (Personal Development) GoodLifeZen.com (Meditation, Personal Development) ExileLifestyle.com (Minimalism) and more coming soon. I'm happy to answer any questions you have, and I hope you enjoy the podcast. I also encourage listeners to suggest more blogs that they'd love to hear read on the show. Thanks, and keep up the life optimizing!
@oldpodcast, I already find a lot of value in the podcast, as you know. I want others to learn about the podcast because it has been valuable to me personally, and I think it can be valuable to them also. As a self-declared minimalist-in-training (see what I did there?), I've been spending much more time thinking about what value means to me. I was following a bunch of podcasts a while back, but it became overwhelming for the reasons you've mentioned: they were too long and I couldn't keep up with them all. What happened? I stopped listening to podcasts altogether. I just gave up on podcasts. When @TheMinimalists podcast began, I decided, I'm going to try podcasts again. I just won't listen to more than I can manage, picking podcasts I care about genuinely (such as The Minimalists podcast) and that don't require such a large commitment of time. I figured yes, this podcast is an hour but it's not every single day, so I can do this. Then you tweeted to me, and your idea was brilliant. Everyday podcasts, yes, but short and chock full of value. I was in, and I will continue to encourage others to be "in" as well. I can listen to your daily podcast while I'm walking across the university to my next class. That's a big deal since I (like everyone else in the world) am busier than I want to be. Plus, you're reading some of my favorite bloggers. All around, it has been excellent. I wish you the best of luck in this podcast, and I will help you spread the word the best I can.
@nikcolewrites That's so great to hear, Nikcole! I hope you know how much that means to me, and how encouraging your words are. I appreciate all your support and am so glad that you find value in it (and the time to keep listening)! Thanks again