Optimal Living Daily - Derek Sivers

Why I gave away my company to charity and no more yes

Every Sunday on the podcast, I read a post or two from Derek Sivers' blog (with his permission): Sivers.org. In this special episode, the FIRST episode of what I've now dubbed "Sivers Sunday": 1) I talk about why I've felt an eerie connection to him for the last 15 years 2) I read one of his most popular blog posts: "Why I Gave Away My Company to Charity," which tells his side of giving away $22 million 3) I read another one of his most popular posts: "No More Yes. It's Either HELL YEAH! or No," in which he talks about his philosophy on committing to certain engagements. Oh, and some music from 15 years ago is shared. All in one 15-minute episode.