In this "Sivers Sunday" episode of Optimal Living Daily, I read Derek's favorite fable, along with his thoughts on innovative design. I started Optimal Living Daily as a social experiment of sorts to help overcome social anxiety, but also to read my favorite blogs (with permission) so that fans could listen to blogs they follow on the go. Regular authors include: The Minimalists, Steve Pavlina, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, Mr. Money Mustache, of course Derek Sivers, and others.
This episode was GOOD. Just being forced to think about how we naturally assume our way is the better way makes you ask some serious questions about your work, yes, but about your life as a whole. The fable is also one of my favorites, so bonus! I enjoy every episode OLD produces, even when I initially think the content isn't going to be relevant to my life. There is always some takeaway that is useful. However, there are some episodes that genuinely stick out to me in a special way, and this is one of those.
@nikcolewrites Such kind words! Thank you!