Optimage 3.0

Automatic image compression that actually works

#3 Product of the DayJune 27, 2019
Optimage is an all-in-one image optimization tool that provides the highest compression ratio at consistent visual quality. It can automatically resize, convert and compress over 20 common image and video formats.
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6 Reviews4.2/5
This is the tool I always wanted but could find anywhere, so I had to build it myself. Finally, it is (almost) everything there is for image optimization. Hope you like it! You can use PH30 promocode to get 30% off.



Has a higher reduction rate that the previous app I was using (ImageOptim).


None so far!

Favorite use cases are to strip out metadata (location stuff usually), and get mockups ready for decks so that it doesn't take forever to load.


It's the perfect specialized tool that you don't need it often, but when you do need, it's perfect for its use case.


None that I can think of.

Can i use it with wordpress?
@mgganesh You can use Transmit Disk to connect to your server and optimize images in the mounted folder. I have some ideas on how to make it even easier.
interesting. do you provide an API so I can use it as a service when our users upload a file for our app?
@dj_chris_purple No, but it's possible. I plan to make a universal CLI tool first.