Advanced image optimization tool

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Optimage is an advanced image optimization tool to compress images in a visually lossless way.


  • Martín CigorragaUnix(-like) Ops folk. F/LOSS advocate.

    Excellent compression vs quality ratio; actively developed; new/improved features with every new release


    Haven't found any yet

    The developer is friendly and open for requests. In fact he already had a list of new features (including some of which I was asking for) for upcoming releases that he compiled from the suggestions of other users of the application.

    It took me a while to decide and shell out some money since I've been using ImageOptim (F/LOSS, donationware) for quite some time and it served me well, but on my tests Optimage was a clear winner on all fronts: final quality, compression ratio, speed, features.

    Totally love the app and hope It goes well so we can have Optimage for a long time :)


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Matias Vad@matias_vad
In what way is this better than the existing (free) ImageOptim? https://imageoptim.com/mac I ask because I use the tool on a daily basis.
@matias_vad As far as I can tell just more buzz words? "Advanced metrics", "visually perceived", etc. I’ll stick with ImageOptim for now.
Vlad DanilovMaker@vmdanilov
@matias_vad Hey Matias, I get this question a lot. Without a doubt, ImageOptim is great, huge thanks to Kornel Lesiński for making it. Optimage can do automatic lossy (visually lossless) optimizations on JPEGs and PNGs. It means you don't have to manually tune JPEG quality for each image and can get some PNGs quantized to 256 colors if visual differences are negligible. Optimage has a lot of tweaks to compression algorithms to squeeze some more bytes (Pareto principle here). But much more bytes are saved by exhaustively trying all possible image data representations, e.g. fast brute forcing of PNG delta filters, dirty alpha, palette sorting. Optimage is careful to things like color profiles, has a Convert to sRGB option, uses a tiny sRGB ICC profile for JPEGs. I have plans to add support for container formats like ICO and ICNS, lossless rotation of JPEGs according to Orientation meta in Exif, aPNG optimization, etc. There's a good PNG test corpus at http://css-ig.net/images/png-tes.... Optimage – 276 058 bytes, ImageOptim – 297 561 bytes. But this is just a lossless test.
Vlad DanilovMaker@vmdanilov
@cenk Hah, that's alright, I'll try to explain what I mean by that. Copywriting is not my cup of coffee yet (any help is welcome!). Optimage uses a modified quality metric based on Contrast Sensitivity Function (CSF) and contrast masking of DCT coefficients for JPEGs, and a custom one for color-quantized PNGs (major difference is sensitivity to noticeable gradients). There are so many challenges in visually lossless compression. How to estimate current image quality without any references, calculate allowed compression error, and avoid double compression. This is what I've been working for a long time now.
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Optimage uses advanced metrics to automatically adjust image quality for 30-50% smaller image files that are visually perceived as originals.
Raul Rocawabe@raulrocawabe · Freelance web designer at lapatineta.com
Original file: 459kb Squash: 284kb ImageOptim: 285kb ImageAlpha: 104kb ---> OPTIMAGE: 101kb (!) good job
Vlad DanilovMaker@vmdanilov
Hi, I'm Vlad, the developer of Optimage. I've been working on it, on and off, since 2013. Thanks for featuring Optimage on PH. Happy to answer any questions here.
Raul Rocawabe@raulrocawabe · Freelance web designer at lapatineta.com
I just bought Squash...
Lee Armstrong@lesmond · CTO, Plane Finder
@rrrraulsc WHY?!?
Raul Rocawabe@raulrocawabe · Freelance web designer at lapatineta.com
@lesmond they launch it before...
Vlad DanilovMaker@vmdanilov
@rrrraulsc Well, if you've really abused the budget for tools, contact me, I'll arrange something :)
Raul Rocawabe@raulrocawabe · Freelance web designer at lapatineta.com
@vmdanilov as a web designer I'm always looking for good tools. After trying Squash I am still using powerful compresor Image Alpha https://pngmini.com/ — can we arrange something? :)
Vlad DanilovMaker@vmdanilov
@rrrraulsc Optimage does color quantization same as ImageAlpha when it does not hurt visual quality. Sure, send me email (on the website) or PM on Twitter.