Full manual camera with RAW support for iPhone

Optika is a professional camera app with an intuitive interface that provide your full manual control under you built-in phone camera

Full manual control of:

• Focus

• Shutter speed


• White balance

• Exposure compensation


• Captures JPG, RAW or HEIC

• Switch between wide and tele lenses

• Grid overlay

• Photo viewer

• EXIF viewer

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Looking good! :D A quick question, besides the lower price (which is very nice to have), what differences are there in Optika that make it different from, say, Halide? Thanks!
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Ok so I got to try the app. The app looks beautiful. Some features I would love to have in future updates would be the use of taptic engine while making manual adjustments and taking a photo, focus peeking would be sweet too. Looking forward to the future updates. The app is off to a good start 👍.
I just tried it out, really like it @sanek_kh. I found the controls more intuitive than other manual camera apps that I've used. It felt closer to the experience of handling a DSLR.
I can never have enough photo apps. Price seems a bit low imo. Will there be planned IAP ad-ons down the road? Or just free updates and maybe repricing once it becomes more established?
@rezn Hey Ryan, no IAP, the price will be increased to $2.99 on March and only free updates in the future.
Great job !! Will check it out 😊 Why can’t it be free I don’t understand that it would drift my interest to different app in free charge then use it. I would love a free app no pricing
@ayush_chandra because people have to buy food to live. Money can do that.
@ayush_chandra because good apps cost money to make. If it was free then you'd be able to use it just until they go out of business.