AI pair-programmer to automate ordinary tasks

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Optic is an AI that automates the routine parts of programming so developers can focus on their most important work. Optic saves 15 hours per developer per week. Teams can reclaim time by automating the parts of development they enjoy least.

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Aidan Cunniffe
Aidan CunniffeMaker@aidandcunniffe
Hey All, Maker here. Just wanted to say thank you to Pablo for hunting us so soon after our launch. We're still pretty early so we'd love to hear feedback you have for us. This product is open source and we are making it to help developers like you spend more time on the work that matters most to you. If you have any ideas or want to help out please email me at aidan@useoptic.com. Looking forward to helping you and your teams
Eli Or
Eli Or@frenchie_m · Front End Developer, Dynamic Yield
Why is it only on MacOS? Can you port it to Electron somehow?
Just wondering if the app attributes code to it's original author, and how it deals with licensing the snippets to the people who wrote (and own copyright and ip) of that code? #worrying