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Thanks for submitting us @micah! I'm the cofounder of Opsee and we're psyched to open up our beta exclusively to the producthunt community. Opsee is monitoring designed for the on-call developer. We focus on health checks, which give you a clean signal on whether or not your services are healthy and responding the way you expect. Our deep AWS integration means you have no software to install on your systems, and no ongoing maintenance burden. Get Opsee and let us know what you think!
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Opsee sounds great. Congrats on the launch!! Can you tell me more about how Opsee works inside AWS? How are you operating without agents?
Thanks for the question, @techno. Opsee works via an instance we launch into your AWS environment. The way it works is that you give us a set of AWS API keys and we'll launch the instance via cloudformation. The Opsee instance will then scan your environment and start setting up some simple health checks. For example, it will automatically setup health checks for any HTTP/S services you have running behind ELB's. Once it's setup the Opsee instance will keep track of all of your check targets. So if you have a health check against a particular ELB or a security group we'll automatically resolve all the instances behind the ELB or in the group when we run the check.