Search and book travel in less than 1 minute

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Ravi Srinivasan
Ravi Srinivasan@ravsydney · Founder - TruContacts.com
Hi Fahad, I installed the app and tried to book a ticket without success. More importantly, a chatbot interface requires care with UX design. I know that bots are the flavour of the month but I find it frustrating to have to type sentences (in this case in a specific format) to interact with the bot, rather than just words. Pl take this as constructive feedback and keep on innovating. Cheers.
FahadMaker@fahadnerd · Founder, Opolo.io
@ravsydney Hi Ravi, Thanks for the feedback. :-) The only thing which is missing in this MVP is flexible search queries. However if you follow the pattern provided in every message, you must be able to get the booking done. Please let me know what destination/origin and dates you have tried. I can check why it was not working. :)
FahadMaker@fahadnerd · Founder, Opolo.io
Hello hunters, I am happy to hunt my own MVP OPOLO.IO, marcO POLO 's friend :), which is live now. The most important problem we tried to solve here is to make travel booking simpler and fast. Our mission is to make travel search, comparison and booking as simple and fast as possible. In Opolo, we have automated the process of flight booking. Due to automation there are no delays. You will get the responses immediately. And you can book flight in less than a minute. We have many more things to add on and improve the MVP. Its just the first step hopefully in the right direction. So please give it a try and let us know what you like/dislike in it. Your opinion matter alot to us. Best Fahad
Jody Glidden
Jody Glidden@jodyglidden · Founder and CEO, Introhive
@fahadnerd I love this idea. It's a real problem.
FahadMaker@fahadnerd · Founder, Opolo.io
@jodyglidden Thanks for sharing the pain. :-) I totally agree. The real story begins when i face the same problem, i used to spend several hours for searching and finding the right flights, and many website track the searches, if i will search more, they increase the price, trapping me to buy the flight as the price is going up very fast, whereas if i remove the browsing cache i will get the same low price which i started with. Sometimes there are third party websites who donot have the uptodate fares or seat availability. When i gonna book, they redirect to another website, where i see some new fee charges, that was not included on the comparison website. I can talk and talk on these problems, so this makes a simple process of booking crazily difficult. This is why we want to took the challenge to solve it in most simplest way. This is our first try, we have started working on even bigger challenge. i.e holiday travel booking. According to expedia, average user goto 30 or more website to plan a holiday. We want to fix that problem as well. :-) We want to provide such tools to people that they can get the travel booking done in less than a minute.
Swapnil Shinde
Swapnil Shinde@swapnil_shinde · CEO & Co-Founder, Mezi
@fahadnerd definitely a real problem. From where do you serve the inventory?
FahadMaker@fahadnerd · Founder, Opolo.io
@swapnil_shinde Thanks. We are taking inventory directly from airlines.