Opinion 2

Record and publish your own podcast on your iPhone or iPad

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Hello there! Opinion is the world's first, and only, podcasting recording-editing-publishing service. It has a super intuitive user interface, and we're offering free hosting and a nice homepage for your show. Every podcast comes with an RSS-feed that can be subscribed to in any listening app – or submitted to the iTunes Podcasts directory. You're very welcome to ping us if you have any questions! ~(˘▾˘~) ~(˘▾˘)~ (~˘▾˘)~
Looks cool, do you have any features built around remote interviews? Grantland is always doing phone interviews that end up sounding as though they're phoned in (pun intended). It seems like if both users had your app and they could record locally and then have the sound synced later it could solve this issue. Kind of like a Vycone (http://vyclone.com/) for sound.
@benwtnb Hi Ben! That's an interesting question. Remote interviews is a whole different game though, and we've decided to not focus on that atm.
@torrauden Cool good to know! Thanks for taking the time to respond! Will recommend to my friend who hosts http://www.disruptingjapan.com/
Very cool. Any plans for Android as well?
@newrulesinvest hi! hopefully in the future!
Looks very slick. I'd couple this with something like the Zoom IQ6 (a pro quality mic that clips into the Lightning port) for even better productions.
@peterc thanks! yes, that's a nice microphone. we've been using it alot with røde's excellent lav mic »smartlav+« too.
This makes podcasting so easy. I love it. Finally a way to bring podcasting, and bringing opinions (great name gnegne) to the crowd. One downside I found out while testing it. It does not blend cut up fragments nicely together. You can hear the hard break. A little fade in and out would be great.
@buxx thank you very much! we're working on a fix for the slightly rough effect that can be heard between clips sometimes. Luckily it's just a playback thing — your exported audio file will sound more smooth.