The first easy to use podcast maker for iPhone

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Cool! Almost surprised Apple hasn't built anything like this considering how they've always pushed the iPad and iPhone as publishing devices (as opposed to just consumption devices).
@stevebenjamins Yeah it's kind of a bummer but Apple's podcasting tools and services have long been somewhat underwhelming.
@stevebenjamins Yup, that was our thought too. They've been pretty happy for the product and promoted it a bunch of times though :)
"Make your voice heard super simple. Opinion is the first easy to use podcast maker for iPhone. It comes with a revolutionary touch friendly interface. Audio editing has never been this instant before. Once you’re done, you can share your audio straight to SoundCloud or via email, Airdrop or iMessage"
@immatthamlin something for your podcast collection
@immatthamlin @himynameisjonas Thanks for the kind mention, Jonas!
This is an awesome app for getting started in podcasting. I've been using it to record my podcast, highly recommend it.