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Compare yourself to 1000+ SaaS companies

We've collected retention data from 1000+ SaaS companies and wanted to create an easy way for you to figure out if you're doing better or worse than average.
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I've interviewed 1,000+ SaaS CEO's for my podcast and about 85% of them shared their retenention statistics and strategies. I pinged @mubashariqbal and @sethlouey several weeks ago and asked if they had interest in building a tool that could tell any SaaS founder how their retention/churn compared to my database with the click of a button. Since then we've worked on building this little engine together. Here's how it works: 1. Connect stripe account 2. Get excel file with everyone elses retention data 3. We'll tell you what percentile you fall in Come back and comment here if you'd like some of the strategies I've collected from CEO's who've perfected consistent 140%+ net revenue retention year over year. Remember - MUCH easier to KEEP customers and expand them then it is to get new ones. Retention is key. That's why we built this tool. We hope you enjoy!
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Looks like a good idea, but the lack of privacy policy or information on how our data will be used is concerning.
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@td_evans yeah we need to add this. totally looked past it. In short: We use Stripe API and data is private, we don't share it or use it other than to calculate your retention cohorts and how you compare to CEO's who I've had on my podcast who shared retention data publicly.
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@nathanlatka Thanks Nathan, good explanation. Understand how it can be overlooked with everything else involved in a launch, but naturally worried about sharing access to something which holds data on all our customers and what they pay us.
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@td_evans I think thats a completely natural thing to worry about!
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I would love to have this kind of data, but I already signed up previous on a website for SaaS metrics from you. In return you asked for three CEO emails, which I shared. I've seen no data and you've ignored all my messages asking for it. It felt like you are more interested in growing your network than delivering on your promise. It feels like this again. If you do have a valid model to share what you promised, the data is of course interesting.
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Too many SaaS companies focus way too much on acquisition and forget that expansion can come from retention and upselling opportunities. Insightful data for all serious SaaS companies!
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@kaloyanyankulov thanks Kalo! You guys driving expansion yet?
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Yesterday I was researching average churn rates in prep for a founder pitch. I wanted to better understand how good or bad their 5.8% monthly churn was for their specific business (which of course varies by B2C, B2B and other factors). Is there a version of this that you can provide to those that don't have a Stripe account to connect with, @nathanlatka?
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@rrhoover we do! it's stored in a big excel file. happy to post that excel file here - whats best way? Regarding 5.8% monthly churn - is that on a revenue basis or customer count/logo basis? Is it B2B? (All of my data is B2B, I can be helpful there but won't be much help on the B2C side).
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@rrhoover could also access here: 1. Go to getlatka.com and click on "economics": 2. Then sort by "Gross Churn" column:
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@nathanlatka thanks for this! The company I was referring to is B2C with a monthly subscription model. 5.8% churn was based on revenue.
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@rrhoover ah sorry. I won't be much help there. All my data B2B SaaS!
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