Opera Touch

The fast, new browser with Flow

Opera Touch is a fast browser with instant web search and is designed to make it easy to browse with only one hand. Some of its features include:

- Search instantly.

- Designed to be used on the go.

- Create your own Flow for the things you find online.

- Safe and secure browsing.

- Native ad blocker for faster browsing.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Freaking love opera! Theyre Ions ahead of all the other browsers the practicality of everything is just awesome. Became a user 4 months ago and rarely go back to firefox Questions: 1- WHENS NEON GOING TO GET OUT OF BETA WE NEED IT 2-Any plans to add in-browswer split screening like Vivaldi? 3- The only drawback I would say is the extentsions aren all up to par 4-When are you guys going to allow us to add our preffered social medias in the sidebar? I use Telegram and Facebook but VK not so much And lastly : Suggestion: it would be cool to add workspaces to the bottom half of the sidebar for quick access to web apps. Similar to Station but built into the browser sidebar Thank you for your hard work!
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@cellus_christie I've never heard of in browser split screening but I feel like I need it .Same with this social network side bar
@manny_orduna Yeah dude its things like that that transform the entire experience for people like me who live in the internet lol (Also a simple note feature would be great) Check out this quick video to see some of the things Operas missing
@cellus_christie Hi Cellus. Neon is a concept browser. We have used it to test bold ideas and then introduced some of them to Opera and now also Opera Touch. 2. Maybe. We don't see that many request for this, but the implementation in Neon was pretty cool. 3. Pro tip: https://addons.opera.com/en/exte... 4. Just right click on them and choose which one you want.
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@cellus_christie @janstandal Opera Neon was a very cool concept that never got updated, will we ever get updates for it? The desktop platform for opera has become a Chrome wrapper with a vpn.
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@cellus_christie @janstandal Opera Neon is basically the only Opera browser that has captured my attention. Is the browser of the future. Would love to see more updates on Neon. I have mixed feelings for Opera Touch, is clean and simple to use but most times your apps are wrapped around old chromium versions and websites keep saying you are using an outdated browser.
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Opera is honestly such a great browser. I switched over from Chrome 6 months ago and I haven't looked back. Having a built-in adblocker, and all your social messenger channels right on your sidebar is a gamechanger IMO.
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As we become more aware of Big Data and privacy breaches I am curious what stance you take. What role do browsers like Opera play in ensuring individuals' data is protected and how do you build this into the product? @janstandal @maciekkocemba @chetaaron
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@maciekkocemba @chetaaron @abadesi We only collect and aggregate or anonymize product usage data to make it better and keep track of growth and usage. Being a Norwegian company we also have had some of the strictest and most user-friendly privacy regulations in the world.
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No iOS?
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@frizurd Coming soon :)
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@janstandal why no built in VPN? One of my favorite features of the desktop browser.
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