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Olivier El Mekki
@oelmekki · maker
Hi guys! We've created OpenVoyce because we wanted something to brainstorm features with our users. Uservoice was what we had in mind, but it was way too pricey for us, especially for side projects, and we didn't need the top notch analytics that were bundled in it. So we decided to build our own product. Fast forward a year and a half, after beta testing … See more
Rick Bannerman
@plexkits · PLEXKITS
Glad to see you guys on here! I've been a happy user for about a month now. Love the simplicity of it, I think it's a perfect fit for a lot of small/med companies that just want to implement something like this quickly without the cost of UserVoice. Over the last month, I've seen quite a few new ideas implemented from their own page and had excellent support… See more
Yaniv Goldenberg
@yanivgoldenberg · Growth Strategist @WiseStamp
Great idea and great product! Good luck guys.
Chris Wilson
@automateiq · VoiceCut CEO
Super cool tool and love using it with my teams and ventures!
Alec Kinnear
@foliovision · Creative Director at Foliovision
Very interesting and lightweight featured voting system unlike the expensive and complicated existing solutions. I'm thrilled to hear de-duplication techniques are in progress. Simple merge of requests by the software owner would be a big help - i.e. we just identify two requests as identical and merge them into one another, with the previous duplicate getti… See more