Crowd-voting platform, running a test for SF Election

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Excited to share our initial test with Product Hunt. AMA!
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This is awesome. Something that gets me excited about this is that it could replace polling (at least the way polling is typically done today). Polling—particularly in local elections, and small districts—is typically funded and published by groups that have an interest in a specific outcome. This leads to polls that use techniques to manipulate outcomes (like the wording or order of questions) that are favorable to a group. Combine this with the bandwagon effect, and you can relatively easily influence the outcome of an election the way polls are conducted today. However, with Openvote, "pledging" our votes can collectively act as a poll on a non-partisan platform that the public and politicians can use to gauge the popularity of a particular issue before election day. Super cool. :)
I'm really exited about this. I see this driving more conversations and more action on these very important issues. Good work guys!
@mattmatt Thank you! This is a very very small step towards what we think is a huge mission.
Big ups to @sea and co on another amazing product!!!
@yanismydj He's pretty amazing to work with. Gets shit done.
This is a very interesting experiment — maybe @rsg can explain the connection (if any) to local civic institutions that could/should be offering this kind of site? Where did it come from, what are its intended goals, and how does it differ from civic engagement platforms in the past?
@chrismessina Thanks! For this test we're working with a bunch of local groups on both sides of these issues to publish articles and videos. Our goal as a company is to cure voter apathy. This test is just our first attempt. The idea is simple: tie persuasive political speech with the ability to instantly commit your vote. People do care about these issues. But too often they read something, get fired up about it, then forget about it the next day. By pledging your vote, in the moment, we hope we can convert that in-the-moment passion into real action.