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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 29, 2020
Find and request open-source alternatives to apps you already use.
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Great idea! I’ve seen some other open source catalogs before though, what makes your website unique?
@nguyenkims What makes unique is that it's in the spirit of open-source. The repo is getting flooded with more alternatives to add and pull requests to fix information. I believe that the community is what will keep this going and make it better. Could you link me to open-source catalogs you have found?
@openshiporg I see. Some similar catalogs that I've seen:,, or the most popular one They don't focus exclusively on alternatives to commercial apps though.
@nguyenkims I have heard of some of these. is amazing, but it kind of lumps all apps into certain categories when some apps don't do the same thing. compares them to a popular commercial app so the user can know which open-source app provides the same functionality. is also a staple, but many of the latest open-source applications are not on there. Someone also pointed out that alternativeto doesn't differentiate between frontend clients and full app replacements. For example in Youtube, NewPipe is a frontend client whereas PeerTube is a video hosting platform. Both are listed as open-source alternatives to Youtube.
Hey hunters! I love discovering great open-source software so I thought I'd put together a site to help others find open-source alternatives to commercial software they already use. Naturally, the site itself is open-source and available here: Feel free to use it to build any sort of comparison site. Users can also request open-source alternatives using our requests page. The requests page is powered by Github Issues so a Github account is required to request and upvote. I've also used this as a chance to try some cool tech like: If you have any open-source alternatives to add, feel free to reply here or send a pull request! Cheers!
@openshiporg "My coding journey began about a year ago... " YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Cheers to some really fast progress!
nice idea i liked it so much
Thank you so much !
Great job!!😊 Will check it out!