OpenShot Video Cloud API

Automate Video Editing | REST API for Creating Videos on AWS

Editing videos in the cloud has never been easier! Simple REST API, pay-as-you-go pricing, and industry leading video editing capabilities. Easily create templates in OpenShot Video Editor, our free, open-source video editor, and modify using our Cloud API.
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OpenShot Cloud API runs on your own AWS account, on as many instances as you need to support your video editing work-load, and is balanced using SQS. This allows customers to control costs, and scale things as much as needed for their specific needs. There is also a free demo server here: I am also very proud to announce OpenShot Cloud API on Product Hunt, as I have been working towards this for over 10 years. Not only is it super easy to use and very affordable, but the revenue from our Cloud API funds the continued development of OpenShot Video Editor, our award-winning, free, open-source desktop video editor. A big thanks to all of our supporters so far!
Need to create lots of videos in short amount of time? No problem! OpenShot Cloud API can create tens of thousands of videos per day, or can be scaled specifically for your needs. We can also utilize auto-scaling on EC2, so your infrastructure costs can rise and fall based on the current video editing demand!
Don't have time to integrate OpenShot Cloud API into your product? No worries, I am also available for custom programming and would be happy to work with you and your team!