Open source mobile E-commerce platform 📱

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Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
E-commerce is huge and there are a lot of platforms out there to run your own web based e-commerce business by now 💻. When it comes to also providing a good discovery and purchasing experience on mobile devices where customers can shop conveniently from their couch or while waiting at the bus stop the situation becomes quite more complicated. 😲 That's why I find Openshop fascinating. It is not only open source it actually solves the big headache of how to support mobile devices well if your core business is not building mobile applications but offering great products and fulfillment to your customers. 📱
Petr Škorňok
Petr ŠkorňokMaker@skornos · iOS Developer
@__tosh Thanks. I was surprised when we found out that most customers don't make it past the first step of checkout while shopping on ecommerce sites. That's why we are focusing on providing as convenient customer and user experience as possible to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts.
Petr Škorňok
Petr ŠkorňokMaker@skornos · iOS Developer
We love the attention that is getting. We are open for AMA and answer people’s questions throughout the day. The project was created after our personal experience with couple of clients (one of them had more than 100k installs on Android and 10k on iOS) where we have realized that most of them want almost the same: good user experience, analytics tools integration, notifications, deeplinks,...but the initial cost of the app development is quite pricey. Thus we have provided the mobile application as an opensource project ( You can use our services if you want to customize the application or use our backend and start selling the products on iOS/Android in a matter of days.
CWilson@cmwilson15 · Indie Developer, Follow The Circle
We have a responsive e-commerce site. Are there any advantages of using the mobile application?
Petr Melicherík
Petr MelicheríkMaker@zelvajan · Android Developer
@cmwilson15 There are a few points where browser solutions come short. First and the most important to mention are the notifications which are a unique strategy of remarketing. Moreover people prefer shopping within the apps and the purchase rate is higher than the mobile web. The biggest downside of the e-commerce applications is the cost of the initial development. With you can skip this pricey beginning and focus on the features and customizations you’d love to see within your own application.
Ondřej Dúbravčík
Ondřej Dúbravčík@dubra · Frontend developer
You mentioned Backend as a service on your website. What is the pricing model for this feature?
Petr Škorňok
Petr ŠkorňokMaker@skornos · iOS Developer
@dubra It is based on number of mobile app installs and starting on 400 EUR per month for up to 50,000 installs.
Ondřej Pumprla
Ondřej Pumprla@ondrej_pumprla · Java Developer
When we do not have developers to use this framework is it possible to pay to these guys so that they develop the app for me?
Petr Škorňok
Petr ŠkorňokMaker@skornos · iOS Developer
@ondrej_pumprla Yes, just contact us to email