OpenPhone 2.0

The new phone for business. Now on desktop and for teams.

OpenPhone is the new phone for business. It comes with powerful calling, messaging and a lightweight CRM. Works great for individuals and teams. It allows you to share a phone number with teammates, like an inbox. Available in the browser, iOS, and Android.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 We're thrilled to share our latest release with y'all. First of all - thanks @katmanalac for hunting us. Since launching here in July 2018 and graduating from Y Combinator, we've been working on improving the OpenPhone experience and implementing some of the most requested product features. We also went from a team of 2 to 9 amazing teammates around the world, without whom this wouldn't be possible. Here's what's inside OpenPhone 2.0: 🖥 Web app - works nicely on all browsers 📱 Native iOS and Android apps - React Native was good to get us started with, but we found reliability suffered so we've invested in two native apps 👥 Shared phone numbers - team up on calls and messages with your colleagues 💪 Admin dashboard - easily add and remove numbers and members 📇 Lightweight CRM - a dedicated business address book for you or your team. Easy to customize, comes with custom properties on contacts ⏺Call recording ✨ Email and Slack integrations 💜We've also rebranded to make our visual identity more aligned with our vision for the product And here's what's coming right up: 📞Phone menu with extensions to route calls to the appropriate team member 🤖Auto-replies - automatically respond to texts, missed calls or voicemail with a pre-defined message 🔖Snippets - speed up your response time by creating and sending message templates for common questions Many of our first customers came from Product Hunt and we appreciate all the support we've received here ♥️ Hope you enjoy these updates and please let us know what you think. We will be here to answer your questions throughout the day.
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@katmanalac @darynakulya congrats on the launch :) design looks great as always ✨
@katmanalac @d0b0 thank you! All credit goes to our team!
@darynakulya do you have a way to screen spam / robocalls?
@mike_seekwell Hey Mike! And sorry for the delay here. We're introducing it real soon. If you'd like to be notified when it's here, send us a note to Thanks!
Awesome product. Love it so much! Switching from Skype to OpenPhone (btw, it's possible to port your existing phone number). the team support is amazing!
@bass_andriy Thanks, Andriy! Excited to get your number ported over and happy you're enjoying the service. Lots of exciting things to come - stay tuned! :)
I switched my personal line to OpenPhone while traveling internationally. It is a cost-effective way to use and hold onto my US phone number while I'm out of the states. I would have killed for OpenPhone five years ago while running a startup that required a local support line. We tried to rig up a line to ring all the founders phones, but it never worked correctly. OpenPhone solves that problem with a beautiful interface and UX. @darynakulya, @mahyarraissi, and team are doing amazing work. Can't wait to see what you release next!
@chadwhitaker Hey Chad! Thanks so much for your kind words. Can't believe I didn't respond here. We're so excited to have you on OP. Look forward to sharing what's next ;)
Openphone is great! Switching from Google Voice and couldn't be happier with the tools that Daryna's company provides for my virtual tour business.
@imdaeshawn Hey Daeshawn! So happy to hear this - it's awesome to have you use OpenPhone since seeing those very very early product versions 😅
@imdaeshawn I've been using Google Voice for years. What do you like better about OpenPhone?
@sahaskatta Hey Sahas, for me it's the constant innovation and improvement that attracted me to the platform. I implore you to check out the other feedback from the happy users on this thread and also check out the trial for yourself. I don't know what would be or would not be a reason for you to switch, our needs are probably different. Hope that helps a tiny bit.
Great product. When will you start supporting to call and text other countries than US & Canada?
@senthu_velnayagam thank you! Hopefully sometime this year. We have a pretty busy roadmap but have been moving quickly, so let's see what we can do :)