Simplest way to own a business phone number

Get a business phone number, local or toll-free, with powerful features to make your business stand out. OpenPhone separates your business and personal communications so you can stay in touch with your customers easier. Fully customize your phone to make your business look professional.

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Hi @adigold1, thanks a lot for hunting us. It's very exciting to finally launch what we've been working on here on Product Hunt. As you guys know, the concept of a service that gives small business owners a separate line on their existing device is not a new idea, in fact I've been a user of both and Google Voice. What drew us to start yet another product in this space was the sheer amount of potential that other solutions have left on the table. At OpenPhone, giving you a second phone number for business is where we start. Ultimately, our goal is to be an integral part of how you as a business communicate and offer great experiences to your customers. There are a lot of technologies and proven communication practices that once integrated into your phone system, can save you time, help you earn more money and make your business look big and professional. I love to be more specific but our strategy for the next little while is to operate in stealth mode until we create a large enough gap with our competitors. We would be thrilled if you decided to join for the ride!
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Congrats on the launch, @darynakulya & @mahyarraissi! πŸ‘ What features are you planning on adding soon that'd make you stand out from the rest of the startups in this space?
@mahyarraissi @amrith Hey Amrith! Thank you! Great to share OpenPhone with the Product Hunt community. We're working on features that will allow you to have even more control over your business phone and creating ways to share responsibility for the phone with your team. Being able to team up on responding to customers is key and we're working on ways to make that easier for small businesses. We're constantly getting feedback on the product from our customers and incorporating it in what we build so if there's something you'd like to see in OpenPhone, let us know! :)
Simple, elegant and thoughtfully designed
@subunit27 Thanks Shubh!

We've been using OpenPhone for a couple of months and had zero issues. I had a work phone number set up in under a minute, the app is intuitive to use, and there are some cool smart features like voicemail to text transcribing. The pricing is very reasonable too. Would highly recommend!


Amazingly fast setup, smart features, everything works out of the box



There’s already a couple apps like that. I used to use 2nd phone and now I am using line 2. Why should I use your service?
@peter_bauer Hey Peter! Thanks for checking us out! The vast majority of business owners still use a personal phone number for business which is both painful for them and limiting for their businesses. If you find that Line 2 works well for you and your business and solves that problem, that's great! What makes OpenPhone different currently is our simplicity and ease of use, dedicated business address book (so your customer information is separate from your personal contacts and you see your interactions with a customer in one place), and easy to understand pricing. We offer dedicated customer support right from the app so we're always there if you have an issue and we're releasing new features all the time based on customer feedback. This leads us to what will make OpenPhone different long term - we'll let you have more control over your business phone, allow for more ways to easily share responsibility for the phone with your team, and give you a full view of customer interactions. Let me know if you decide to give us a try, would love your feedback!
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